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tv   [untitled]    April 20, 2011 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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roger those who. are struggling. to. deal with let's have the cuts are made headlines as egypt gets up for a new democratic chapter with elections in september the warnings that islamic radicals are gaining ground islamists not the muslim brotherhood could take all the countries all over. the world and us about financial institutions accords and roadblocks all through country because washington's debt spiraling honest say america should solve its own troubles for coming out and points to others. and into
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the faces of a lost generation with one in five young people out of work few prospects getting a job the toughest of them economists the country is battling to prevent something from the same fate as greece and that. russia's push into the next chapter of passenger and travel was reached a monster with a delivery of the first for its second jets one hundred on us and he's more than people right now as a project leader he's been selling not one is expecting orders to take off. probably sound thank you very much for finding time for us today on can we expect the commercial operation of the new super jet to begin at the world i think the commercial operation will begin in may how much does an aircraft cost will all of
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the price differs depending on the package the customer chooses in any case i can say that the price of our aircraft especially during the initial period has a ten to fifteen percent advantage over our competitors offers on the market so what is the initial price. well the price is fixed at the purchase negotiations between the customer and the supplier that's why it can vary it depends on a huge number of things therefore i just cannot give you one figure and in general it's a commercial secret between the supplier and the customer the price range we're talking about is twenty three twenty five million. and i was on a customer list as of today. as of today we have about one hundred seventy customer orders the key customers are aeroflot the launch customer are month year and you can t. airlines this january we also signed a contract with our partners from mexico the interject company to supply them with
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our aircraft we also have customers in on the growing indonesian companies such as kartik or airlines they have placed orders to buy our jets step by step we're expanding into the global market and i think it's an important achievement at this stage. here to be an aircraft manufacturer airbus recently claimed that the american government put pressure on the military to make them recall a billion dollars worth of orders placed with the company and reorder with warning the u.s. domestic manufacture my question to you is is there really a standalone aircraft manufacturing industry and why are governments always so involved in aircraft. and i think the development of the aircraft manufacturing industry is not merely the development of an industry it's more than that to a large extent this is the industry that defines the level of development of innovative technologies in the country the aircraft industry requirements for all systems are the toughest of all and on the whole the level of development of the
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aircraft industry defines the level of development of other industries that's why it's one of the primary investment sources and we're also talking about a huge number of jobs here thus it is a huge business and so i think that's why those governments which try to control these areas also take part to a greater or lesser extent in the decision making on major deals. could the suhoor kompany go for an i.p.o. at any point to follow the lead of your american competitor blockhead. well of two . i think it's quite possible we just need to enter this market so close already launched an i.p.o. for its civil aircraft manufacturing branch we now have a partner alinea aeronautics and this means that it's not impossible so to launch an i.p.o. a military aircraft manufacturer well it's all possible in due time that's just in that don't you think that innovation and financing should come from private sources
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. i think the financing of such science driven high tech projects must come from diverse sources including private investments and that's true in the first place for civil aircraft production i don't see private investors and military projects so clearly however i think that if we consider the return on investment cycle and the levels of investment required to produce more than aircraft systems it's clear that even civil aircraft production projects can't do without some level of state financial support especially at the initial project stages stages of technical research both in the us and europe such research is financed by the state of course we can also talk about the company's own phones these funds must be used to finance the company's new projects especially their initial phases as well. but what innovation can the market expect from the united aircraft corporation we will probably go through all our current projects are running as part of the innovative solutions implementation project and we cover
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a number of diverse areas for example if we consider the so-called super jet one hundred project it's a craft control system is capable of warning the pilots of every possible emergency and so does not let the aircraft actually get into an emergency situation it's essentially an active aviation safety system whose control system capacities can make up for practically any pilot mistake and i think this is a solid innovative solution to the joint efforts of the central air a dynamic institute. and our german partner lieber certifying the solution was also quite a challenging task and it was carried out by experts of the aviation register of the interstate aviation committee as well as other certification centers and these experts also contributed to the final tuning of the system speaking of the innovations we're planning i can mention the new all complicit wins we are developing for this model and for all future modifications of the so course we
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protect one hundred i believe that the fact we're developing the wings based on infusion technologies as opposed to the technologies used by boeing and airbus and their seven eight seven and a three fifty means that we have our own approach which is innovative we certainly keep working on the avionics system which will have an open design which will allow us to develop an all purpose platform that can be customized to the aircraft's tasks for its life cycle without affecting its key functions i think this is also a step forward which complies with the most advanced requirements of the industry i could talk more about the projects we're working on the main thing is that we make it our goal that all our projects comply with tomorrow's rather than today's level of marketing of. all kind of impact will iraq will of the fifth generation of fighter jets have on the concept of military action in the air we are the most woman. i'm sure it will have a serious impact since the fifth generation of jets will have a new level of stealth and higher military capacities and range for where i'm at to
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surface missiles these jets will be able to fight the enemy while staying out of the killing zone i'm sure that the introduction of fifth generation jets will also improve the performance of fourth generation jets which will perform within the same group projects i think the demand for new advanced jet will not only open the market for the fifth generation of jets but will also extend the lifetime of the fourth generation jets by a new modifications because mixture groups of these two kinds the have a very high performance level. so if. fifth generation jets are they produced entirely in russia or are there still some parts or something knowledge is that you import. some of. those jets that are now being tested a one hundred percent produced in russia but in view of the international nature of our program we signed a contract with india in december we'll cooperate on conceptual designs with them in this obviously will result in the fact that at some stages some non-domestic equipment will be involved i think that this is quite in line with the spirit of
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the times and i'm sure that we'll find ways of co-operation with our overseas suppliers which will allow us to guarantee success by the customers are complete and there's nothing wrong with making our aircraft both civil and military not only for the domestic market but for the international market and this makes us look for the best solution which would meet all the tough requirements sent by customers who you mentioned a contract signed with india on a fifth generation fighter jet project while there are reports saying that china is planning to produce an exact copy of a russian fighter jet is it true and if so where are you taking into account such a competitor. will have been some reports recently in the media saying that china has started testing its own fighter jet of the fifth generation this probably means that the investment made and the goals set by the chinese aircraft industry cover not only civil aircraft manufacturing but fifth generation jets as well so i think it will make our life more interesting competition always make sure develop further
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be more active. could you perhaps expand a bit more how to market react to the chinese fighter jet emerge. or the people making such complex products as fifth generation fighter jets is a very complicated and time consuming business i think that the market will react to the products offered i think that we are quite ready to compete with our overseas partners and this applies to competing both with the most advanced american aircraft and with the new projects by our chinese colleagues i do not think that we will lose our position in the market our goal is to convince the market of the advantages of the aircraft developing together with our indian partners. do you think the international production model will become the basis for the natural production model of the future when they hear a fatter which is successful and produced in a number of countries for instance. in the food for the poor mr berg and i think that today considering the project costs and the limitations on the overall number
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of jets delivered by military forces in different countries the joint production model definitely has a future as to whether it will prevail i think it very well may is there are sufficient grounds for this with time we'll see whether any new joint projects of this kind appear or whether one country production projects still prevail i think the tendency is developing in favor of international joint project as you. want in your opinion will define the future of the russian military aircraft production industry operation or competition will more of the world i think both on the one hand will compete with our overseas partners i'm sure will be able to compete with the best american aircraft and china is now building a powerful aircraft industry will certainly compete with them too but on the other hand i think that while competing will build up cooperation with our strategic partners i already mentioned our partnership with india i think the cooperation competition will go hand in hand and define to a large extent the feature of the military aircraft production industry and one of
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them will. thank you very much thank you. come to. the russian republic blends historic diversity with economic diversification oil drilling industry pushes for tomorrow's petrochemical products traditionally be asians the focus is on one pilot drones and the government spirit kind of concept by going online to understand the fortification innovation on technology update we've got the future covered.
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if. it would be soon which bryson. moon about song from feinstein. who threw stones on t.v. come. wealthy british style. cuts. of. market finance come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's culture for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to the report. it
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was six years off for a new democratic chapter with elections in september the warnings that this article articles and gaining ground assault group start the muslim brotherhood can take hold of the country's power vacuum. worlds and u.s. cracked financial institutions the i.m.f. and the world bank are going to roadblocks are recovering but with washington's debt spiraling the prime minister saying america should solve its own troubles for hundreds of miles to others. and into the faces of a lost generation one in four of the young people rather for the prospects of getting a job and the tough economic climate of countries not fluent and suffering the same fate as greece and the other. a mixed although it's
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a sports hearts and riches. well unwelcome stores are very good to have you with us and start as always but once crime to barcelona and real madrid we're battling a copper they already find all the second the four el classico as an intern days. old waiting game rock bottom spot i'm not scoble announcing a new coach why personally are providing any carp in steps. back on the ice see a cultural crisis is where the russian national hockey team as they continue their preparations for war championships. will start with football in spain where real madrid and barcelona will again do battle on wednesday in a secular bear for el classico meetings in eighteen days
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a top of the already final in valencia already all could end their three year silverware drowned by winning the mansion of the style stadium which comes only four days after the teams drew one one the kind of hour in the spanish worry about result we've also at eight points clear of six games ago and closer to when he referred successive title but it was the courage pep guardiola taking nothing for granted. like and we talked a little about what they did to us in the last league game we know what they did to us but they could also use another strategy throughout the season they've played in many different ways and we've talked in the past few days about all of these possibilities but most of all we have insisted on what we need to do to play a good game and win the final. russia said to announce their new coach within the next few days of the valley campaign quits following a poor start of the season they'll stay on at the club as general manager of forty two year old decided not was enough to spark a slump to the foot of the table out of his two one defeat sunday and three one
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when it's more technology on monday night for this kind of torrid three days of campaign we've also seen a sideways. get to paul to the europa league quarter finals and became inspired manager back in two thousand and nine and fourth place last season for most deny mobile somebody called to live as among the front runners to replace him but of all the game in charge will be wednesday's russian cup quarter final at homes of third place across the. making his first appearance response time came eleven years and one quarter cry i know will be the legendary field under the teaching of old forty will become the clocks all the ever on field player time russian premier league champions and national favorites and was always voted believe it was a valuable good fielder. says to him it's like stepping back ten years but he's good enough to play at least forty five minutes as an arch could mark a change in fortunes for spots are. three more months united failed to extend their
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lead at the top of the english premier league after they were able to draw against newcastle united one of the parents crying from their f.a. cup semi final three to manchester city on saturday however ryan giggs and wayne rooney guilty of missing good chances for the visitors well as united states seven points clear of the top of the table from the nearest rivals arsenal but again as do have a game in hand. on wednesday fifth place what learned hoping for a third successive league win over large rivals are slim and off london guardians their hopes of a top four finish for spurs are just three points adrift of munch the city with a game in hand but have not inferior goal difference or anything other than a win for the second place goes back to meet their title hopes the talk among jeopardy redknapp is incompetent moved. with great game again i'm sure you know there. were some good games you are solutions will be nearly jordan you know going
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to fall for all of this to relate. to one and then going to the emirates the sheer million free too. it was a great game for us as well so it would be a good game to mordor good so i took team. place to play for. more so mines the first place chelsea eight points adrift of leaders manchester united let's play this for the cup winners' burning and proximately to sign seven points from their last three games to go five points clear of the drugs i mean of chelsea allyson ramirez above five hundred on the nature of power and chelsea extends his side's hopes of returning vets when it's all over. you know i don't think that. and we are thinking that we have to play six games i don't want to. i want rest posy showing that they were good right away maybe six games in the big up. doesn't allow guys to looking that we can win the title because we have eight
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points we aren't good. for is better for our thinking that we have to get a run going to his game because maybe i'm to play to win. the other five games. a russian national team training session in a moscow region ahead of next week's european. have aside the upcoming world championships of. decay shell players have just finished but all of their lives around from coach week of now has to turn his attention to russia however he was absent from team training on tuesday as well as notice a lot of players who will join the team later but before their his assistant he gives a hurricane run the session which was no trouble to the players we've been watching and it was a harkin and which saw pick of have always been a coach and unit so training wasn't really anything different and when the rest of our team is joining us everything will be just the same. among the players the
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training with and the clinical striker who thrushes offensive quick but he will only do that at the world championship which starts only twenty ninth the two time world champion who is saying to be a ten year deal worth one hundred million dollars with a new jersey devils has been given a wrist meanwhile the czech hockey games are a stage of the hockey too with russia leading the table with twenty one points for ahead of sweden meaning the european title is almost in russian hands and it will be a good warm up for the world championship and a chance to see some new faces on the ice wearing the double eagle on their jurisich body winning the year hockey tour is always good but first of all we consider it to be preparation ahead of the world championship i believe that was here in the team is very friendly and guys coming through and our aim is to make it even more comfortable for them so they can get used to the national team however you gain a book of sport as a patient a tournament is doubtful due to some control difficulties with the new york
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islanders who still haven't given the thirty five year old goaltender to mission to play for the national team. and i have no information about the current status of negotiations all the issues are being sold by the russian hockey federation several days ago everything seemed to be fine. frankly i try now it's a film i hated it the first blood drops at the world championship only truly truly murray and continue i'm sure you're only one team as always the gold medal last year the double defending champions were beaten by the czechs in that final and need to get through to get back on the consider to be there is a good thing but they're both thirty. reservoir it's norwegian run a one nine in new york city marathons and silver medal of a nine hundred eighty four los angeles olympics died on tuesday after a six year battle with cancer. a former also schoolteacher for its first north american and nine hundred seventy eight cents in the world best two hours of two minutes and thirty seconds and her first attempt running
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a distance he went on to win the race more times than last year tree climbing one thousand nine hundred eight weeks and also one goal of the nine hundred eighty three war championships in helsinki a year later she came in second behind. in the women's olympic marathon once started undergoing cancer treatment in two thousand and five and rarely discussed condition in public a private funeral ceremony is next week. orphanage for possible the boston celtics have moved into through a nail series leading the first round of that and be a playoff series against the new york knicks but with a solid effort later coming down at sinking the go ahead it was just fourteen seconds left i'm a clown. i'm not a scot am i missing the second awful chauncey billups the whole game the rondo tyburn series with one one one point howard a thirty three points nineteen rebounds dallas go to no off in their series of portland meanwhile boston head coach doc rivers says has room for improvement this
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artist was one of the next. i don't know if we left there which is the way we'll do next he very well you know so listen i'm really happy i think you can tell that. we we won the game and were two one zero in the in the series and that's what you have to be really is trying to way to win that game get through it and get to the next game. but we have to be better we're going to have to be much better in new york to win games but stagings also you know what's coming up next apparently here with headlines. hungry for the full slate we've got it from the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers. culture is that so much of the taxpayers' money
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i mean i would like to have a real mystery if the years after the cia back bay of pigs operation the castro dynasty still dominates is it time finally to end the.
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to live in a country that got understand that there's more violence in the streets of this country than there are in the streets in afghanistan or baghdad. one minute this spring a man breaks a. good buzz or films from her room the. forums room. crowd gathers from a real benefit to the street the victim's. family the official auntie outlook haitian children the phone on pod touch from the i choose up stories. cianci life on the go.
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video on demand policies mindful of costs and r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. question on the call they faced this is not a prohibition but warn. the forces insurers stevic what is sure to suppress the tree strikes they have no idea about the hardships to face. plate one is businesses are open to new systems for any army the life of the usaf is the most precious thing in the world. is of self-sacrifice and heroism will kill those who understand it fully but you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. to truth nine hundred forty five goals are to.


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